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Monday, April 8, 2013

Izzue Islam - The Young and The Talented.

Last night I watched ABPBH 2012 for just a moment and then stopped watching it after the first award. Why? The first award is the one I wanted to see most. I have to admit, I sometimes follow the happenings of local artists just like any other person would. Just for fun because the local entertainment industry seems much better now with the arrival of many new talents. One such talent is Izzue Islam. A very young and super talented person….and I reckon all his adoring fans would agree.

Honestly, I have been clueless so far…because I don’t watched TV much. But since they have been turning shows after shows based upon adaptation of my favorite novels….my interests in TV dramas has rekindled. I love how Adam & Hawa turns out…even my girls love the show too. Sadly I didn’t get the change to properly watch Sehangat Asmara although I simply love the story by Aisya Sofea. When 3.5 million people watched Setia Hujung Nyawa an adaptation by Fatin Nabila, I think the people in the industry are getting into something here. They have tapped into a goldmine.

Just imagine when one of my favourite book penned by Zura Asyfar -Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia is now airing on TV3 every Friday night at 9pm. Wow, my head is just blown away. When you like a book, its often you would love how the story turns out on TV as well….well, at least for me it is. When I watched the first episode, I got hooked. As Izzue is playing the leading role, I got hooked more. I reckon for those who read the book, would surely love it too. Oh no worries if you have not read the book enjoy the story nonetheless.

Now back to Izzue Islam. Why I believe he is the young and upcoming talent that people should take notice of. Well, my take on this are as below….….
1. For one, he is still young…thus there are so many opportunities awaits for him….He is noticeable not just because of his looks….(I may be old but I do think he is super cute…hihihi), he is multitalented. I am more of his fan in acting though…..
2. His body of work is very impressive despite being a newbie in the industry. He plays a range of characters from Razak a blind friend to Remy Ishak’s character in 29 Februari to an angry musician Tengku Azlan in Cita dan Cinta to the unwilling husband of Tiz Zaqyah Firash Arshad in Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia, you would be impressed too. Check out his other roles in Mimpi Cinderella, Duri, Senyuman di Kuala Lumpur, Bunga Merah Punya, Hantu Kapcai and others.

3. He won Pelakon Harapan Lelaki Terbaik in the 25th Festival Filem Malaysia recently for his role in 29 Februari. Impressive.
4. When some actors just look the same old same every single time they act, Izzue is a chameleon actor. He opted for different roles and it is unlikely you will see him look or act the same. Only a character actor would do that. Others would just have the same look – hair, smile, talk and all and it gets kinda boring. But this actor is different. Reminds me of Beto Kusyairy pun ada jugak. Just google or checkout his work to see for yourself.
5. So-so actors are soooo common these days. But talented ones bring such colors to the entertainment industry and I reckon his future will be super bright. InsyaAllah. Can’t wait to see what his future projects would be like….
6. Ooooohhh can I say that someone with a good set of hair makes all the difference. Imagine all the changing styles and looks that Izzue has shown in all his projects. No character looks the same. He changes his style to fit the character all the time. This is way so much better than an actor having the same look all the time. Well, enough said.

Thus, that is the reason why I didn’t watched ABPBH until the end last night. Not a big fan of the show as I only wanted to see if Izzue would win for his category. Though luck was not on his side this time, it’s ok though. A lot of actors are popular but can they leave an impact to viewers, that is the question. But then again, being popular is very subjective because the voting is based on popularity. Winning the award in FFM25 means more because it’s based on your crafts and your work. Don’t you think so?

PS: Only 2 young artists who rank above from the rest in my book – Aizat and Izzue. Such talent should not go to waste…


  1. ~ high five ~

    I also love both Aizat & Izzue. And Beto too. Noticed Izzue as actor first before heard him singing. Dia memang pandai berlakon & more importantly watak yg dia bawak semua different.

    Me & the kids stumbled upon Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia while surfing the channels last friday & we're hooked. So looking forward to watching the series this friday!

  2. Couldn't agree more ;)

    ..nowadays our local industries are changing and that's a good sign! Beto,Izzue & Aizat are such a talented artist and I really adore the three of them...veryyyy muchhhh!


    Much ♥ from me to them & u :)

  3. I tweet your link to izzue islam and I'm pretty sure he read it..yeaaa thanks for a good review on his acting! ;D

  4. I agree with u 200% ! Ala2 johnny depp msia gtu kann..


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